Associate Buyer's Agent
at Ell Real Estate Group, Keller Williams Southern Arizona

Tucson, AZ

About Ell Real Estate Group

Ell Real Estate Group of Keller Williams Southern Arizona is among Tucson’s top-performing residential real estate sales teams. We serve buyers and sellers in all parts of Tucson and the surrounding metro area with a full-time staff that includes agents, marketing professionals and transaction coordination support.

Our mission is to help clients make real estate decisions that improve their lives, with the vision of becoming a valued part of every client’s team of professional advisors.

About the Job

The Associate Buyer’s Agent will work closely with the Lead Agent to serve buyer clients, eventually progressing to full responsibility for buyer clients as Buyer’s Agent.

The Associate Buyer’s Agent will join the Lead Agent at buyer client meetings and will assist in performing needs analyses. The Associate Buyer’s Agent will find homes that meet the criteria, and they will drive buyer clients to those homes. As clients explore homes, the Associate Buyer’s Agent will work with clients to confirm or refine criteria and will show additional homes as needed.

When buyer clients are ready to make an offer, the Associate Buyer’s Agent will conduct property research and draft a contract for review and negotiation by the Lead Agent. The Associate Buyer’s Agent will also attend all property inspections for buyer clients and will participate in negotiation of repairs under the Lead Agent’s guidance.

The Associate Buyer’s Agent will be able to serve at least three to four buyers a month.

The Associate Buyer’s Agent will maintain an active real estate license and will meet Arizona Department of Real Estate criteria for the duties in this role.

A successful Associate Buyer’s Agent will quickly progress to Buyer’s Agent.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Conducts a buyer consultation meeting, with Lead Agent, in office with Team's lender of choice to qualify each buyer prior to showing property
  • Previews and is knowledgeable of all Team listings
  • Identifies and shows properties to qualified buyers, including driving clients on a regular basis
  • Works with buyer clients to refine their criteria based on seeing homes
  • Conducts property research, on behalf of clients and also for personal market education
  • Writes and negotiates contracts on behalf of buyers. Lead Agent has final authority for all contract negotiations, monitoring of escrows, and closing.
  • Turns over all paperwork to the Transaction Coordinator once the contract is fully executed.
  • Submits complete information per the Client Information Checklist when the contract is turned over.
  • Utilizes all approved vendor/affiliates that support the Team.
  • Attends the property inspection.
  • Supports the Transaction Coordinator as the lead on the closing process.
  • Conducts two open houses a month, utilizing Team listings whenever possible.
  • Maintains a daily log reflecting buyer and lead generation activities.
  • Completes the Top 10 Buyer report weekly.
  • Uses the exclusive agency agreement with all clients.
  • Prospects for leads by performing lead generation activities and lead follow up daily
  • Role plays scripts and objection handlers daily
  • Attends Team meetings and yearly planning meeting
  • Participates in coaching provided by the Lead Agent and Team
  • Maintains exceptional communication with buyer clients


  • Maintains active Arizona real estate license and complies with state regulations and requirements
  • Positive attitude and friendly demeanor
  • Expert knowledge of the local real estate market and statistics
  • Expert knowledge of the daily mortgage interest rates and any new loan programs available
  • Honest and ethical with high performance standards
  • Ability to memorize and internalize scripts without modification
  • Committed to being proficient with all objection handlers
  • Strong desire to continually develop professional skills, coachable
  • Willing to learn CRM and other computer systems as needed
  • People-oriented
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Good organizational skills
  • High school graduate

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