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september 2017 tucson home sales

September 2017 Tucson Housing Report

View the September 2017 Tucson Market Report in our Market Data Center.

In our office, September was a quieter month for closings, but we had a very busy month meeting with clients to list their homes.

Our experience reflects what was happening marketwide: Home sales fell in September, but the number of new and active listings climbed.

This lull in home sales happens at the end of every summer. It's kind of like the calm before the fall storm of listing and sales activity. 

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Fun & Interesting Things to Do In Tucson: June 2017

There are a lot of things to do in Tucson every month, even when it's as hot as it is in June. To help you out, we pulled together a short list of interesting events in Tucson, one for each week of the month.

Looking for more? Check out the events page at Visit Tucson. Have fun this summer!

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Homeowner Q&A: What are PB pipes?

Q: I keep seeing “No PB pipes!” in home listings as a selling feature. What are PB pipes, and what does that mean about the house?

A: PB stands for polybutylene, a type of plastic resin plumbing that was installed in millions of homes from 1978 to 1995, primarily in the Sun Belt.

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