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model home

Overlooked Cleaning Tricks to Make Your House Look Brand New

There's nothing like the feeling of walking into a model home. They're invariably bright, airy, and SO CLEAN.

You don't need to buy a new home to recapture that model home feeling, though. Target a few frequently overlooked cleaning projects and you'll be amazed by the difference.

Bookmark these tips for the upcoming holidays, and especially if you're starting to think of selling your home!

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baseboard cleaning tips

Baseboards: The Eyebrows of Your House

Now that Tucson has had temperatures in the 80s for weeks, it’s time to think seriously about spring cleaning.

So let’s talk about baseboards.

We like to say that baseboards are like eyebrows: They can change everything about the way your face looks, but most people wouldn’t be able to point at your eyebrows and say “THAT’S what’s different.”

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professional real estate photography tucson

Put Away the iPhone – We Brought the Experts

Few things burn us up more than seeing beautiful homes listed on MLS with photos taken by an iPhone.

iPhone cameras are great for selfies, Instagram and casual photography at home, but when you have something to sell - say, a house - your first instinct should not be to pull out a camera phone.

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the power of drapes

The Power of Drapes

Before we put our house on the market, we had a list of about twenty things we needed to finish, buy, or change first. We provide our sellers a list of suggestions to present their house in the best possible light, and we were taking our own advice and doing all those things, too.

One of the things that isn’t on our staging list is updating the window treatments. Drapes and rods are expensive, and most sellers don’t want the hassle of buying and installing them. Even I didn’t want to buy or install them, and presenting houses at their best is my job! Read More…