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Home Selling 101: Listing Documents

This is Article 1 of our multi-part series on listing and selling your home. We’ll take you from signing listing documents, through showings and repair negotiations, all the way to closing! Buckle up!

So. You have decided to move, and you've found a real estate agent you trust to represent you in the sale of your house. What can you expect in the first (or possibly second) meeting with your new agent?

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checklist for selling your house

6-Month Seller Checklist

Most homeowners don't make a spur of the moment decision to move. It's a decision they've come to after months, and sometimes years, of careful consideration.

When it comes to selling the house, though, lots of people wait until the last possible moment to start the process of contacting an agent, getting the house ready, and gathering necessary paperwork.

Don't rush the process! As soon as you decide you want to move, start preparing for the sale.

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When’s the Best Time to Sell?

If you want to sell your house this year, understanding the seasonal behavior of the Tucson real estate market can help you maximize your sales price and also reduce the amount of time your house is on the market.

The following graphs demonstrate some key ebbs and flows in Tucson's real estate market. ​

Best Time to List: January - March

tucson real estate listings

The most popular time to list a home in Tucson is the first quarter of the year. Historically, more homes come on the market in January, February and March than any other time of the year.

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Average Sales Price Spikes in June – June 2016 Tucson Housing Report

View the June 2016 Tucson Market Report in our Market Data Center.

The average sale price of a house in Tucson spiked in June - enough that we had to adjust our graph to accommodate the data point.

We're used to seeing the highest prices of the year in June, but this year's high of $234,000​ was a significant gain over last June's $220,000 and 2014's $210,000.

The large number of $1M+ homes that sold in June - 15, compared to May's ​6 - did a lot to pull the average up. In fact, that sales gain was seen across the board in Tucson's luxury home market. Sales of homes priced $500,000+ increased significantly over May. 

View the full June market report in our Market Data Center, and don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions about a particular area or what this data means for you.​

average appliance lifespan

How Long Will Your Appliances Last?

At a recent Keller Williams team meeting, we were treated to a presentation on appliance life expectancy by Craig Garfield, a Tucson home inspector with Pillar To Post.

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