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Homeowner Q&A: What are PEX pipes?

Q: I'm looking at an older home that was flipped. The seller says the house was replumbed with PEX. Is that good?

A: Cross-linked polyethylene, commonly known as PEX, is an increasingly popular plastic residential plumbing material. Beginning in the 2000s, PEX began to replace copper and poly plumbing in homes.

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Recycled Granite: Where to Find it in Tucson

Have you ever walked a granite stockyard and selected your next counter from the slabs? They're huge! And the difference in size between the slab and your finished product is also huge - a tremendous amount of natural stone is discarded in the process of creating your new countertop.

A Tucson company has created new life for these granite remnants, turning them into other products like pavers and wall blocks. The company, ´╗┐A & E Recycled Granite´╗┐, was recently featured in Tucson Lifestyle.

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