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Average Sales Price Spikes in June – June 2016 Tucson Housing Report

View the June 2016 Tucson Market Report in our Market Data Center.

The average sale price of a house in Tucson spiked in June - enough that we had to adjust our graph to accommodate the data point.

We're used to seeing the highest prices of the year in June, but this year's high of $234,000​ was a significant gain over last June's $220,000 and 2014's $210,000.

The large number of $1M+ homes that sold in June - 15, compared to May's ​6 - did a lot to pull the average up. In fact, that sales gain was seen across the board in Tucson's luxury home market. Sales of homes priced $500,000+ increased significantly over May. 

View the full June market report in our Market Data Center, and don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions about a particular area or what this data means for you.​