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moving in tips

Take These Steps When Moving Into Your New Home

by Jennifer Phelps, Ms. Fix-It Home Solutions, and Tucson Professional Organizers

View steps for planning to move out.

You’ve spent days or weeks packing your worldly possessions in boxes and bags – or shipping containers, as the case may be – and your old place is finally in the rear view. But you can’t help but cringe as you contemplate the seemingly endless stretch of unpacking and sorting that lays ahead.

Take heart, my friend! My compadres and I at Tucson Professional Organizers have these tips to cut the chaos and get you settled in a jiffy. (Download these tips in a PDF.) Read More…


March Tucson Real Estate Data by Area

Tucson real estate data for March is now available on our Tucson Market Reports page. Data is gathered for each geographic area of Tucson, so you can easily find information specific to your area of town.

Also view The Ell Report, our quarterly overview of the Tucson real estate market, on the Market Reports page.


The Ell Report: Tucson Real Estate Market Review

Tucson real estate market report 2015Our quarterly review of market data is now online. Data is collected on a quarterly basis, with comparisons across quarters for the last year. We’ve also broken down data by geographic area of Tucson, so you can easily find information that’s specific to your part of town.

View monthly data sheets for each area of Tucson on our Tucson Market Reports page.