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How accurate is Zestimate in Pima County

Zestimate Accuracy in Pima County

To view the first part of this two-parter on Zillow’s value estimates, go here to read about how Zestimates are calculated.

We established last time that we are skeptical of the accuracy of Zillow’s Zestimates. Fortunately for us and our fellow skeptics, Zillow measures its accuracy by comparing Zestimates to the actual sale prices of closed homes.

Here are the figures for Pima County from Dec. 2014: Read More…

Tierra Serena townhouse

Less is More: The Minimalist’s House

Storage space: Many of my clients consider it one of the most important elements of their ideal house. It can be a challenge to find the perfect house that also has the right amount of storage. That’s because for most of us, the “right” amount of storage is usually “more than we have.”

But for a growing segment of homeowners and buyers, the amount of storage space they need is getting smaller and smaller. Read More…

How accurate is Zestimate?

Zestimates: Accurate?

Zillow is probably one of the biggest things to happen to real estate since the For Sale sign. The site is now ubiquitous among online real estate searches, and it changed the way people search for information on local properties.

Zillow is a great tool for many things, and I frequently use its economic and market research to stay on top of industry developments.

If you’ve ever thought about selling your house, you’ve probably checked your house’s Zestimate on Zillow a few times. Before you start planning what to list your house at, you should understand how Zillow determines their Zestimates. Read More…